Written by: Suzie Wilson


Selling a home typically requires the right marketing and staging. When you’re looking to sell your home quicker and for top dollar, you may also need to think about completing updates that will help your house compete with other listings. Wondering where to focus your efforts? You can start by completing these projects to reel in offers and get your home off the market, presented to you today courtesy of CH Construction.

 Custom Countertops Can Help Your Home Stand Out

 When it comes to selling your home faster than the competition, it’s all about details. More specifically, adding stylish updates throughout your home can really catch the eye of potential buyers and help your home reel in more offers. For example, adding quartz countertops in either your kitchen or bathrooms is a modern update that is sure to set your home apart from the competition. Quartz countertops will set you back about $125 per square foot, and you will need to be sure to hire a professional contractor, who can help level your cabinets, add needed supports, fabricate quality countertops, and expertly join seams.

Now you could go with other popular options, such as granite or butcher block, but quartz is more durable and more modern. Because granite was so popular in recent decades, opting for granite is more likely to age your home and could discourage potential buyers from putting an offer in on your listing. Plus, quartz countertops tend to blend better with the more minimalist styles that home shoppers are currently looking for, and they may complement other top home changes like the ones below.

White Cabinets Can Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

 Kitchens can be a huge factor when it comes to attracting more buyers to your listing, so don’t stop at updates to your countertops if you are trying to sell your home faster. You should also consider updating the rest of this all-important space, with new paint colors, appliances, or cabinets. White cabinets and colors are still one of the most popular trends among designers and homeowners, so you really can’t go wrong with this safe color for your own kitchen updates.

Now because this is such a popular trend, you will want to find some ways to help your white kitchen stand out from all of the rest. You can achieve this by adding some pops of color with tiles or decor, like dark blue or even turquoise, or mixing in some more natural elements, including gold, woods, and stone. Tuxedo kitchens are also a popular trend that many home buyers seem to be attracted to, and this color scheme can even add value to a home. So, paint your top cabinets in shades of white and then add some contrast with a darker island, bottom cabinets, or other design elements that give your kitchen an updated look and feel.

Update Your Home Security

According to Consumer Reports, having a high-tech smart home security system in place can help attract buyers to your property. Many modern home buyers want peace of mind when it comes to protecting their families and properties, so having a few of the basics installed can increase interest in your home when you put it on the market. There are many different types of home security products to choose from, including things like video doorbells (which can be monitored via smartphones and tablets), smart surveillance cameras (both internal and external), and external lighting for the darker areas surrounding your house.

Walk-In Showers Can Make Your Bathrooms More Accessible

 Have you thought about whether adding accessibility features to your home may help it sell faster? Because accessible and safe homes are difficult to find, incorporating stylish modifications in your home could potentially lead to more offers, especially from senior home buyers.

For example, you can convert one of your tubs into a luxury walk-in shower, to create an accessible bathroom that is as beautiful as it is safe for seniors and home buyers who may be living with disabilities. A walk-in shower, for example, can be the perfect addition to a smaller bathroom, but you can also add one in the master bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere that will “wow” potential home buyers.

Creating a sense of calm is one of the most recommended bathroom staging tips from real estate experts, and it’s one that can help your home sell faster. Aside from updating your shower and countertops, you can also declutter and clean, and update the lighting in your bathrooms, for added appeal and the potential for added and faster offers.

 Attracting more offers and more buyers is all about helping your listing stand out from the pack. Think about investing in the modern updates mentioned above so that you can sell your current home faster and move on to finding your next one.

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