Written by: Katie Conroy


We’ve all spent more time at home since the pandemic arrived. Even though the pandemic hasn’t died down, you may be ready to step back into the world and back into some semblance of normal. However, at the end of the day, you still have to return to your home, so shouldn’t it be comfortable and welcoming?


Stir-crazy feelings aside, if your home feels more dull or dreary, now may be the perfect time for a makeover. CH Construction hopes these professional tips will help you transform your home into the space you desire.


Dress Up Your Walls


Want a dramatic change? Start with your walls. Be sure to pick hues that support the purpose of each room while still maintaining flow throughout the entire home. This is how to achieve the polished and professional looks that are so popular on social media.


Many people will choose more neutral or soft colors for most of their homes, and then add pops of bold hues using accent walls and wallpaper. Consider wallpaper that you can customize to your taste and have printed by order. Choose the textured kind for added personality, as well as one with a water-based adhesive that makes it easy to apply and remove, making it very adaptable and changeable.


Mix Up Your Furniture


Next, think about refreshing your furniture. If you want to get that creative and cozy look, the trick is to mix a little bit of old with the new. Maybe you could pick out a modern couch that is comfortable enough for lounging on the weekends and then add in a unique, antique table.


If you’re not sure where to look for high-quality antiques and artwork, try a quick online search for your local antiques dealers. Or, you can breathe new life into your old pieces by having them professionally upholstered. Just remember that the price you’ll pay for these services are usually dependent upon the size of the piece you want upholstered.


Trade Up Your Textiles


There’s nothing like a soft, warm quilt to keep you cozy on your new couch. Textiles like throws and pillows add a touch of comfort and can also be useful for adding little touches of style and interest. You can mix and match these items to create a unique feel in each room.


Need a boost for your bedroom? If you also want to improve the quality of your sleep, choosing comfort is essential when picking out new bedding and fabrics for this space. But this doesn’t mean sacrificing style, especially if you look to designer recommendations for inspiration.

Dial Up Your Serenity


Walls, furniture, decor, and textiles are all design basics. Focusing on these aspects can ensure your post-pandemic home makeover feels new and fresh. Since the pandemic has been so stressful, you may also want to incorporate some touches that will help you feel safe and calm.


One change you can make is to add touches of nature into your home. The benefits of spending time out in nature are bountiful, and houseplants can provide some of the same perks for your personal space. Some plants will even clean the air for you, which can make your home feel lighter and refreshed. Finally, add soothing scents to provide extra comfort.


Whatever you decide to do, remember that significant changes can change the value of your home. This is important if you want to sell your home at some point in the near future. If so, pay attention to the latest trends through sites like Home Life Daily, and keep accurate records of the changes you made — they could help improve the appraisal value of your house. You may also want to bring in CH Construction to have a look at your home before you make any serious changes. They can provide the services you need and can help you determine whether to renovate or restore.


Whether you plan on getting out of the house or staying in for a bit longer, your home should be a source of calm. So if yours has felt less than comfortable lately, consider making a few changes that will turn it into a space where you either can’t wait to return at the end of the day or don’t feel confined when staying in — where you feel truly at home.



Photo Credit: Unsplash