Written by: Alice Robertson


If you’re ready to sell your home, the last thing you want to do is put it on the market before you make the right preparations. Along with making the necessary improvements, such as repairs and upgrades, you will want to invest time, energy, and perhaps money into cleaning the home. That’s because one of the quickest ways to make a good impression on potential buyers is to have your home spotless and organized during showings and keep it that way until it sells.


That’s why CH Construction has put together these tips and resources to help you prepare your home for sale:


De-clutter and Get Things Out


The first (and sometimes the hardest) step is to clear a path by de-cluttering and packing your belongings.



Decide What to Do with Unwanted Items


Next, you have to decide what to do with everything you don’t need, whether that’s donating it or turning it into some extra cash!



Get Your Clean On


And now comes the cleaning frenzy. Remember to take a deep breath, though. Don’t get too overwhelmed.



Stay Show-Ready


Last but not least, here’s how you make all that hard work last by keeping your home clean and show-ready until it sells.



When selling your home, nothing is more important than getting it clean and keeping it that way. Remember to thoroughly de-clutter, determine what to do with unwanted items, and clean your home like never before. Also, work to maintain your home’s cleanliness, and consider hiring professionals to help along the way. Any time, energy, and/or money you put in will likely pay off in a faster and more profitable sale.


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