Written by: Curtis Fisher

Homes are places of rest, sanctuaries of peace, and havens away from the trials and tribulations of the outside world – or, at least, they should be that way. Your home may not quite be living up to its potential at the moment. If you’d like your home to better support your mental, emotional, and physical health, some modifications or upgrades might be in order. It’ll doubtless be a worthwhile investment for your family and you.

In this mini-guide, the pros at CHConstruction offer some advice and suggestions on upgrading your home for help with your well-being:

Get rid of carpeting

Carpeting not only impacts the quality of air indoors negatively, but it can also lead to adverse health effects, reports the NCBI. Carpets hold on to dust and dirt, which can make conditions like allergies and asthma worse. They’re also hard to clean, not to mention expensive to repair and maintain. Some superior alternatives to carpeting are hardwood, vinyl, and tiles. They’re safe and better for your health.

Convert an unused room into a relaxation space

The modern lifestyle comes with a lot of over stimulation – noises, information from various screens, advertisements, and people. Having a quiet, secluded, and calm space in your home can give you a much-needed break from the excess. You can turn any unused room – like a bedroom – into a relaxation space. Decorate it in a minimalist way – add a plant, a meaningful picture, a good book, and some comfortable furniture, maybe.

An excellent way to make it more calming is to include a geode. Geodes are hollow, spherical rocks with internal cavities full of minerals. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also carry soothing and calming energy. Feeling them with your fingers or just looking at them can help you to unwind and relax.

Make a few green changes

Making your home more environmentally friendly helps the climate and is also good for your health – it can boost the air quality and lighting, and aid the look and feel of the place. Some ways to make your home greener are using solar power, adding a rain garden, treating your windows, using energy-efficient appliances, and using Eco-friendly materials.

Repair, clean, and organize

Don’t underestimate the importance of periodic upkeep and maintenance. Repairs, cleaning, and de-cluttering your home make the place feels safer, more secure, and peaceful. Organizing your home to make it neater makes your things more accessible and improves the movement of people (and energy) in your home.

Embrace nature

Nature is naturally healing for human beings. Everyone loves to look at flowers, plants, and green things in general. It’s wholesome and uplifting – and equally good for the mind and body. Find ways to introduce more nature to your home for better health. Some ways to do so are getting more indoor plants, creating an outdoor sitting space, installing a garden, and creating indoor-outdoor mixed living spaces.

Decorate meaningfully

You must decorate your home in a way that personally appeals to your heart and mind – it can make the place homier and more comforting. Some ways to decorate meaningfully are putting up family photos, adding religious or spiritual symbols, and putting up meaningful artwork.  

Control the light, noise, smell, and temperature

Your home has an impact on your senses – via smell, touch, sight, and sound. Make sure it’s a positive influence. Make the lighting more comfortable and natural, and paint with appropriate colors. Add buffer or sound-proofing to eliminate harsh noises. Light scented candles or use oils to make the place smell good. Finally, use heating or air-conditioning, as necessary, to maintain a pleasant temperature.

Invest in good furniture

Last, but not least, invest in high-quality furniture. Good-quality furniture not only looks and feels good, but it can also offer better rest for your body. Some items worth considering are an orthopedic mattress and pillows, an ergonomic chair and table, and a well-thought-out home-office setup.


When you’re making significant changes to your home, it’s a good idea to recruit experienced contractors for the job. Not only can they make solid, experience-backed suggestions on your new upgrades, but they can also help you get the job done properly, on time, and at a pocket-friendly price. The CHConstruction team would be happy and honored to consult with you for your remodeling project.    

Image via Unsplash