Written By: Katie Conroy

For the majority of Americans, remote work is now the norm. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, that means you may be hosting clients in your own home and, in the wake of COVID, it’s important that you take measures to make this experience as safe and comfortable for a visitor as possible.

Safety Precautions

The most important consideration, when welcoming clients into your home, is safety. This means ensuring their visit is hygienic and respects protocol when it comes to the virus, regardless of your own beliefs. You can equip your home office with a number of preventative features, these could include:

Open windows or a reliable HVAC system to protect from particle exposure.

  • Hand sanitizers and/or cleansing UV lamps.

  • A supply of masks.

  • Disinfectant for use between visitors.

Taking the issue seriously and adopting a scrupulous approach will help alleviate the concerns of your more anxious clients as well as helping to prevent the worst-case scenario – an actual infection that threatens the health and well being of your clients.


Safety as your main concern, you still have to balance precautions with comfort. A good place to start is with the design and layout of your home office – make sure to invest in comfortable chairs and room fresheners and monitor the room temperature carefully (most corporate offices already do this, with the optimum range estimated at between 68 and 76 Fahrenheit). You may also want to provide snacks, coffee, and fresh water – remember that many of your clients may have traveled a long distance to get to you and it pays to be considerate.

For many of us, the transition from corporate to home offices is proving, at times, a little awkward. It’s important, therefore, to bridge the gap between domesticity and business. If you have a regular stream of clients, you should try to convert the immediate area around your office space into a waiting room with couches, coffee tables, and magazines. If possible, try to create a divide between your family’s living areas and the work area – there’s nothing worse than kids running in and out of meetings.


It’s not just about how your home office feels, but also how it looks. Ideally, you want an inviting space at all times of the year, both in-person and during virtual meetings. Amongst the popular methods for achieving your peak home office aesthetic are good plants (consider something tropical-looking and easy to look after, like devil’s ivy) and bookcases, which suggest intelligence and can help fill the empty space in your Zoom background. You get extra points for soft, diffuse lighting and lots of sunshine exposure – if you don’t have big windows or your area is not too sunny, it can be worth taking a leaf from the Scandinavians and investing in a couple of chic lamps.

Another way to separate your home office from the home itself is to keep it brand-appropriate. If you’re an Eco-focused business, for example, you might want to build a leafy, earthen design, using organic materials. Do you have products? These might be on display with your own personalized labels, you can even arrange to have these printed for furniture. If not, creating one is easy and simple using an online label maker – you can use these to pick from editable, resizable templates to be printed or shared.

Remote working represents a strange but excitingly novel new era for the working world. Make sure you take full advantage of this turn of events and provide your clients with an enjoyable space to conduct business, online and off.We’re Kansas City’s very own family-owned and operated remodeling and construction contractors. Experience our tradition of craftsmanship and visit: www.chconstructionkc.com

Image by Pexels