People say a picture is worth a thousand words and for residential real estate that has been proven.  Aerial drones benefit real estate sales by giving the perspective buyer more than a curb photo. A drone camera can create a sense of amazement and interest that can’t be achieved from a ground-based photograph.

Before aerial drones, to get an aerial photo of real estate you would have to hire a pilot and pay for the expense of a helicopter or plane to get these types of photos.  The convenience of drones has lowered the cost and the average home owner can afford to have detailed photos that show the beauty of the property from a variety of angles.  Any time a home owner or business owner can differentiate their property from other on the market, they have increased the amount of buyers that will view their property.  Giving their property the best turn around in selling the home.

Residential Exterior Video

While 99% of homes on the market have photos with their listing, a majority are not taking the advantage of videos.  Videos have been proven to be more captivating to the home buyers.  Photos can be deceiving and potential buyers respond to a video that can show the property around the home; the landscaping, roof, patio or deck and pool.  It can also show the neighborhood amenities as well.  If you are selling a home with acreage, a drone aerial video can show a perspective buyer the properties benefits and unique qualities that a ground-level photo can’t relay.

Interior Video

Interior photos are still the most common form of show casing the interior of a home. Some real estate companies also use a video presentation of the home to entice a buyer to come visit the home.  A gimbal device is a hand held apparatus that stabilizes the video camera.  By using a gimbal you have a better quality of video.  Most drone companies will use a gimbal to video areas where a drone cannot reach.  The interior of a home is a perfect example of an area where a gimbal can benefit the videographer.  A smooth flow from room to room shows the buyer the beauty of the home.  This advantage increases the buyer potential in the real estate market.


When appraising property it is important to have quality photos that can be used as legally binding documentation of your property.

Using a drone to take photographs of your property has the advantage of showing more details of the property.  They have the ability to take up close photos due to the fact that there are not altitude restrictions for getting that close up shots.    Another benefit is the drone can operate in inclement weather.   Drone operators do have to abide by the FAA drone operating restrictions, thus it is important to hire a drone company that is in compliance with these legal obligations.

As our company’s owner is a licensed pilot, we can honestly say using a drone is less expensive that using an aircraft, pilot and photographer to get the photos for an appraisal or any other real estate aerial photo.  While the cost of hiring a company to get drone photos and video do have overhead expenses. The cost is much less than hiring a licensed pilot and the plane to take a photographer up for those same photos.

Home Inspections

The first thing that comes to mind about the precedence of drones for home inspections is the safety factor.  A drone can photograph a roof and get an overall view of the structure safely.  The time of year or weather will not impede the evaluation of the roof.  This is an advantage for larger properties; it can take an overview phot of the entire property. Showing the condition of out-buildings, features, and landscape

Ultimately, a drone service is a perk for home owners selling appraising, or needing a home inspection.  The cost outweighs the benefits of this service. Average basic drone photography  cost for the Kansas City area is 220.00 to 300.00.  While aerial videography cost according to thumbtack for this area is:

 ” Flight 1 Aerial Photography:

  • 60- to 90-second video clip: $400 – $450, including video editing (typically for real estate sales)
  • 30-minute video at 4K resolution: $5,000 – $7,000, including editing.”

CH Construction is currently licensed by the FAA for drone operations and we are building our company up to be able to meet the needs for drone videography and photography.  Once we launch this portion of our company we will be announcing it on our website and social media platforms.  Keep an eye out for the future post.