The kitchen is the central hub in a home, where family and friends come together over meals. Thus, a kitchen remodel on a budget can recoup up to 75.3% on a home resale.  When considering a kitchen remodel there are several things you want to consider. An article from HGTV, architect Deborah Pierce works through these variables, “size of the space, orientation of sunlight, connection of kitchen to adjacent rooms, homeowner’s lifestyle, budget, condition of the building”.  Keeping these considerations and working within a tight budget can be accomplished.


To avoid added expenses you will want to keep the plumbing, electric, heat and gas in the same location.  Hiring specialized contractors to move them will increase your cost.  Your contractor can help you accomplish your design ideas when you set up a consultation. You can save the expense of new appliances if you design your kitchen around your current appliances. If you are considering upgrading your appliances in the future, remember to take in consideration average appliance size and shape with your design.

Custom cabinets

If you are looking to reduce cost, you may want to avoid custom cabinets.  In the blog The spruced has some very good recommendations to avoid custom cabinetry when it concerns appliances.

Range Hood: All hoods come with installation specifications for a certain size vent duct. In an older home or for a large vent hood, you may be required to tear out part of the walls or ceiling to reroute or upgrade the size of ducts.

Warming Drawer: Before ordering cabinets, you’ll need to know the appliance specs and where the drawer will be located, since a custom cabinet will usually be required to support the weight of the metal drawer.

Dishwasher or Refrigerator Drawers: It may be handy to space these around a kitchen. But be aware, you’ll need extra wiring and plumbing to each location.

Cooktops: Various models require different depths in the cabinet underneath. You may not be able to have a handy utensil drawer directly below the countertop in this location.

Microwave Ovens: Unless you prefer setting this appliance on the counter, a custom cabinet or shelf may be needed to fit the size and style of oven you buy and an electrical outlet will need to be installed at that location. Other options – microwave drawers and built-ins that look like a second oven.”


When looking at the material you will be placing in your kitchen remodel, consider function and durability.  The Family handyman posted an article with information on durability of countertops stating, “Limestone may look beautiful, but it’s vulnerable to water rings. Marble is prone to etching and staining. Recycled glass countertops may seem sleek, but they can chip and crack much easier than other options. Quartz is a great option for your renovation if you want the look but don’t want the problems”.


Changing your mind in the middle of a kitchen remodel project can cost you money.  It’s important to sit down with your contractor and go over the phases of the project.  If they are in the middle of a phase and you decide you want to change the design, the tear out and rebuild will cost you more than your initial bid cost.  Ask your contractor about the efficiency and practicality of your ideas.  Our owner, Brandt Hall, will discuss the best economical ways to approach a kitchen remodel.  Our goal is to save you money and meet your kitchen remodel design goals.  Most importantly, remember to enjoy the project and your new kitchen.