French country kitchen ideas are a very popular design that concentrates on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.   Some french country kitchen themes consist of mixing the old with modern conveniences. While other styles concentrate on bringing warm colors or bistro type of styles into a once plain kitchen. Most combine old style with very practical space. A traditional French Country kitchen does not have wasted space. Every inch of the kitchen has a purpose.

What Should I Consider Remodeling?

The first place to start remodeling is either the walls or the cupboards. In order to get the warm, inviting sensation that this style kitchen has to offer it is ideal to use warm colors of paint on the walls. The colors can be warm yellows, rustic reds, and even forest greens (depending on the style the homeowner desires). While most focus on warm country colors, cobalt blue and white can also be used. Some designers have even implemented using decorative tile under the cupboards and above the stove such as black and white diamond designs or beige colored tiles.
One of the most important french country style techniques are the color and decoration of the cupboards. Pine cupboards pickled and stained help to bring out the rustic, old country feel to the kitchen. The idea is to create cupboards that stand out. If buying new cupboards or staining cupboards is out of the plan, then try removing the cupboard door and having a tradesman engrave or add a design to the door. It is ideal that the cupboards be very light to help lighten up the kitchen and to maintain a lighthearted, inviting environment.
The lighting throughout the kitchen is also very important. Kitchens need a good source of natural, as well as artificial lighting. Without a decent amount of lighting, the kitchen environment may seem to have a darker mood. Remember, light promotes a lighthearted, warm, family-orientated atmosphere.
You will also want to enhance the atmosphere with natural looking appliances, tables and decor. The french country kitchen design does not normally incorporate the modern, sleek and simple look. Ideas that may help to keep with the style would be granite counter tops; canisters and decor of poppy red, forest green or sunny yellow; wine racks; floral arrangements of flowers such as lavender and even wrought iron chairs surrounding a darker wood island in the center of the kitchen.

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