With 2019 well underway, many of you may be feeling the itch to redecorate or remodel your home.  After researching the top 2019 trends, I thought I would simplify the information for you.  We will look at style, patterns, color, decor and home remodeling ideas to improve your home.

Style and Patterns

Vintage lighting and décor is popular this year.  The 70’s style is also trending.  Velvet furniture in bold colors, floral wallpaper & furniture, geometric décor will give your home a blast from the past. No longer are the neutral colors of previous years in style, but bold rich colors will make your home stand out.  Black and white themed rooms, rich reds, burnt yellow and millennial pink are the colors to look for this decorating season. Painting an accent wall one of these rich colors will give that room a bold look.

You may want to update a room inexpensively.  If so, consider these options; hang a new light fixture, replace electrical outlets and covers, install crown molding for a classic look and upgrade any outdated window treatments.

If this isn’t your taste, don’t worry the natural elements are in style this year as well.  These can be incorporated in your home décor and remodeling as well.  Agate wallpaper for an accent wall, stone end tables, brass or copper sink/tub/shower fixtures will give any room a more natural feel.

Updating Your Home

Considering a home remodeling project to update your home? Open floor plans is the popular choice.  In the kitchen, opening the dining room and kitchen with a large opening will help to enlarge your kitchen.

Kitchen or bathroom cabinets without doors are also trending.  Removing the cabinets and replacing them with shelves will give a clean open space for those wanting a new look.  You don’t need to buy new cabinets; you can stain or paint the cabinets. Finally, replace countertops with a natural counter.

Replacing your toilet, kitchen and bathroom sinks, faucets and fixtures will also give these rooms a new look. If you want to bring the bold colors into your kitchen or bath, consider new tile backsplash in a rich bold color and pattern.

Let’s not forget the flooring in the 2019 trends.  Don’t worry I won’t suggest the 1970 shag carpet.  Actually, 2019 is looking at clean hardwood floors and tile for the upgraded floor.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs reclaimed lumber make for beautiful hardwood flooring.  If you would like tile floor appeal and the hardwood floor look, there is actually tile that looks like hardwood flooring.

Major Home Remodeling

Not wanting to move, but are looking for more space?  Remodeling a master bedroom using dead wall space can give you a master bedroom en suite. Dead wall space can be found in the wall area in the original design of your home.  A licensed and insured contractor can help you determine if you have any dead space in the walls of your home that can be utilized for living space.

An unfinished basement can be used for multiple rooms.  As more people are working from home, home offices are the trend for 2019.  Needing another bedroom or game room?  The basement is perfect to extend your living space.  We can’t forget to move up, that is, to the attic space.  Create a ‘she cave’, ‘man cave’ or a guest bedroom in the unused attic space.  Finishing off these spaces can increase the value of your home.

One last trending item to consider is adding more windows to your home.  Natural lighting is not only economical, but healthy as well.  1“Daylighting has been touted for its many aesthetic and health benefits by designers and researchers alike. Scientists at the Lighting Research Center (LRC), in Troy, N.Y., for example, have reported that daylit environments increase occupant productivity and comfort, and provide the mental and visual stimulation necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms.” Installing more windows in your living space is one of the 2019 home improvements trends that are sustainable and healthy.

As we move into the spring weather home owners are ready to take on these home improvement projects.  If CH Construction can help you with you 2019 project, give us a call to meet with our owner Brandt Hall.

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