Have you ever spent time on the internet looking at these wonderful DIY ideas, and then decide I can do that. After purchasing the materials, that easy DIY project cost you a fortune and it didn’t make that much difference in your home improvement. I’ve decided I would post projects that I myself, not my handy handyman, could do. First of all, I need to let you know that I am not that “handy”. All things considered, I do believe I could tackle these projects.
DIY Painting
The easiest thing anyone can do to their home is add color. These first three projects involve a paint brush. Paint your front door a bright and inviting color. It will give your exterior a simple, but noticeable, face lift. Estimated cost $25, 1 gallon of Exterior Latex House and Trim paint. If your home was built before 2000, you likely have an outdated color tile. You can give bathrooms or kitchens a new look by painting the tile. Estimated cost $96.00, 1 gallon each of Adhesion Primer and ProClassic Alkyd Interior Enamel.Update your old refrigerator with a more modern stainless steel look. Estimated cost $56.00, 1 quart of Thomas Liquid Stainless Steel TM Base Coat.
Hammer Time
The next three projects involve wood, hammer, wood caulk, tape measure and a saw. Don’t worry these are also easy projects.
  • Place a 1×6 board above the door way and add a classic brackets for a shelf. This is a good place for knick knacks. Estimated cost $32.00 for the 40” 1×6 and two 7” classic brackets.
  • Nail a panel on the wall to give your kitchen a classic look. Estimated cost $70.00 for a 1 ½ x 4’ stamped design 204 panel.
  • Install a chair rail in a bedroom and paint the bottom of the wall a different color. Estimated cost $75.00 for an 8×10 room.
Be Your Own Handyman
These next four projects would be a great gift surprise for a spouse.
  • Install a dimmer switch in the dining room, bedroom or bathroom to create a mood setting – and as a bonus it is energy saving. Estimated cost $31.00 , Lutron’s Diva C.L dimmer
  • Organize a basement, garage or hobby workspace with a simple peg board rack. It can even be painted for your hobby area. Estimated cost $16.00 for a 4’ x 8’ white perforated peg board rack and $11.00 for a 43 piece pegboard organizer with hooks, baskets and jars.
  • Light up the underneath of kitchen cabinets with battery powered LED puck lighting. Estimated cost $20.00 for four adhesive backed Bell & Howell Mini Power Pods.
Last, but not least….
  • Create a built in crawl space for your pet from an existing cabinet. Remove the cabinet doors. Place your pets cushion on the lower shelf. You can create your pet habitat on the bottom shelf of a book case as well. The estimated cost $0. Now that is my type of project.
As the summer months begin to roll in, these little DIY projects might keep you busy while the weather is warm. If you need any assistance give us a call.