Recently, I’ve come across sites promoting smaller living spaces. Small living spaces are a trend with those committed to sustainable living and focusing on off the grid living as well. It is a popular trend these days and my sister in law suggested I write a blog about it to share the information with those who may not be informed about small living spaces.
Empty Nester’s are interested in downsizing and debt free living. For those of us growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, we were use to everything being big. That is to say; big hair, big cars and big houses. As a result, over time people began to downsize. There are a lot of benefits to a more simplistic lifestyle.
Ecological and Economical
Consequently, small living have a positive effect ecologically. The estimated size to a small living space is approximately 500 square feet. With less heating and cooling many people choose solar energy. Most noteworthy, small living space cost less to build and use less building materials. This is another bonus to our ecology.
Small Living Spaces
These tiny homes would solve problems of high cost of living and  paying too much for rent.   The cost to build a small home can be built for less than what a new car cost.  Therefore, investing in a small home can create a debt free lifestyle for those trying to make ends meet.
I mentioned above, empty nester’s are looking to downsize and simplify their lives. Others are purchasing movable small living spaces.  These tiny houses on wheels are replacing motor homes and travel trailers. The homes are typically 8′ x 20′ and have a living space of 120 feet for easy towing and to exempt it from building permits. Some people are choosing small living spaces as a second home for vacations.
While I was browsing for information pertaining to small living spaces, the multi-purpose features and furniture are a highlight to me. Likewise, the space saving concept and vertical optimization appeal to my practical mind. If you have the chance, look into small living spaces. If you pursue building a small homes, give CH Construction a call to help you fulfill your tiny living lifestyle.