I enjoy repurposed projects and finding old materials to redecorate my home. Reclaimed lumber can give character, style and beauty to any home improvement project. After doing some research I discovered Kansas City has several locations a home owner can purchase this reclaimed lumber. If you are considering a remodel project for your home you might consider reclaimed lumber for that project. Reclaimed lumber is a way you can go “green” in your home.


The lumber can come from a variety of sources: older houses, warehouses, barns or factories that are being torn down. Some of the wood comes from storm damaged trees or submerged logs. The wood is then brought to a reclaimed wood center, where the wood is then transformed into usable lumber. The process to transform this wood is very interesting. First, the wood is sorted according to the species and grade. After the sorting the wood is scanned for nails or any other metal in the wood. While scanning they are also looking for any undesirable traits. It is then stored for air drying. If the wood requires more than air drying the wood is placed in an insulated chamber that regulates and removes unwanted moisture from the wood.
Most importantly, make sure these processes are taken to ensure the wood you receive is good quality. Many places that sell reclaimed wood will cut and plane the wood to your specifications.

DIY  Tips

Something to consider, send your used materials to one of these reclaimed lumber locations instead of the landfill. If these companies do not take the wood you have you might also consider contacting a recycling center in your area.
Listed below are some of the reclaimed lumber restores that are in the Kansas City area. I hope you will find these stores interesting. If CH Construction can help you with any of your remodeling projects gives us a call.