For most people your home is the biggest investment we own.  When considering a home improvement project, you need to look to the future for this investment.  Thus, green home improvements should be something to consider.  Future buyers will want a home that is updated with environmentally friendly green products.  My goal is to share Eco-friendly ideas that are affordable.

Water Heater

Updating your water heater to a tank-less water heater is an energy efficient option.  These heaters offer an electric and gas option.  While the electric option costs less initially, the gas option is more cost efficient.  The benefit to these water heaters are they are capable of heating water on demand within seconds. This will eliminate the wasted energy on heating 40 to 50 gallons of water that may not be used.  Another benefit, you won’t run out of hot water during a shower.

Solar Panels

In the Kansas City area, electric companies offer rebates or credits to home owners who install solar panels. Here is how it works.

“It starts with a net-metering billing arrangement…

  • This allows customers who produce their own energy from renewable sources to earn a credit on electric bills for the extra energy that flows back into our distribution system.
  • Using a special meter, we measure the electricity you generate from solar panels or a wind turbine. That way, we can determine both the electricity you use from the grid and the electricity you produce.
  • The energy you export is used to offset an equal amount of power supplied by Evergy in the billing period. Energy produced in excess of power supplied by Evergy (or net kWh) is credited to your bill at our avoided cost. This amount is less than retail because it reflects only energy — not the generation, transmission, distribution and administrative costs included in retail rates.
  • This amount is less than retail because it reflects only energy—not the generation, transmission, distribution and administrative costs included in retail rates.”

When a investing in new windows or adding them to a home improvement project, dual pane windows offer more insulation against the weather and noise reduction.  Some utility companies offer rebates and credits to customers that install energy efficient windows.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans can help reduce energy cost while assisting in cooling or increasing the heat in your home.  “An air conditioner costs $0.36 per hour, and a ceiling fan only $0.01 per hour. If air conditioning costs are lowered even by a few cents per hour, fans could still be worth it. On average, ceiling fans can help save four to eight percent on cooling costs when combined with an air conditioner.”

The same goes for winter months, find the switch on the ceiling fan that changes the direction on the blade.  Since heat rises, the blades will push the heat down into the room.  “By some estimation, experts report that homeowners can save as much as 15 percent on heating costs when they run ceiling fans during the winter. Due to the improved distribution of heat in the room, thermostats can be turned down. When you do that, your heater runs less often, consuming less energy.” Ceiling fans can be energy reducing and a simple DIY project to help save money.

Programmable Thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat will not only save you an endless effort of adjusting the settings but also save you energy. The thermostat will automatically turn the air conditioning or furnace down when not in use. It’ll prevent extreme fluctuations, which will stabilize your home temperature. All you have to do is set it according to your needs.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed lumber can give character, style and beauty to any home improvement project. After doing some research I discovered Kansas City has several locations a home owner can purchase this reclaimed lumber;  Beaver Timber, Elwood Reclaimed, Timber, Habitat Restore .  If you are considering a remodel project for your home you might consider reclaimed lumber for that “green” project.

Sustainable Flooring

Are you planning a home remodeling project that will include new flooring?  These sustainable flooring options are great choices.


Consider Bamboo when purchasing building materials or interior remodeling materials. A typical bamboo tree grows to maturity within 3 years; as another type of tree used for lumber may take a century to fully mature.

Flax Flooring

Flooring made from flax, jute and linseed oil can be environmental friendly since this type of flooring does not have toxins that the typical vinyl flooring produces.


Steel framing is now becoming a trend in the building industry. They not only save the trees, they are strong enough to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and destruction from insects and rot.


Last but not least, track your energy and water usage with tracking devices. This will help you find ways to cut your energy bill and become a more sustainable household.

Creating more living space or remodeling your current living space can be a positive sustainable project. CH Construction would like to help you with your remodeling needs.