CH Construction is currently doing home inspections, we were recently asked questions about home inspections for insurance purposes. There are basically two reasons you would need a home inspection for insurance purposes.
  • To calculate the replacement estimate in combination with the information you have provided and with public records.
  • To check conditions where claims may occur, for example, a deck without safety rails.
In recent years, it has become more common for insurance companies to do full home inspections within 30 days of a new policy. In the past, insurance companies or your local agent may have just taken exterior pictures and measurements of your home. Now many companies are requiring pictures of the interior of your home as well. Along with the interior photos the home inspector may ask question regarding pets and their temperament. Also, if you will be responsible for other children besides your own at the residence.  They may inquire about the age of your roof, water heater and heating and cooling system.
The benefit to a home inspection for the insurance company is that the inspector can confirm the safety of your home. If your home has a security system insurance companies offer discounts to home owners. The inspector will also check the residence for fire and smoke alarms, dead bolts and motion sensors. The inspector will also be checking the integrity of the electrical and water lines in your home. He will be looking for an electrical overload, frayed wires or any potential for burst water lines.
It is important for a home owner to check these areas before an inspection and make necessary repairs. If you have any questions of would like CH Construction to help with the repairs give us a call or send us an email.
Photo By: Pixabay