As more and more people become conscientious of our environment, they are choosing non toxic, recycled energy efficient products for their home. CH Construction wants to help you find those products and help you with your “green” remodeling. Therefore, I decided to blog about sustainable remodeling.
Recycled Materials
Small detached buildings for workshops or studios, have become popular. Using recycled materials to build these spaces is one way you can create personal space, without the guilt. As a result, no new trees were chopped down for your pleasure project. Reclaimed wood is popular and you may have to pay $5-$15 per square foot.
Solar Design
If you are adding a room addition, consider a passive solar design. Let the energy of the solar rays keep your room warm. Adding additional insulation will also keep the cost of you energy bill down and your house more comfortable. If your remodel plans don’t include passive solar design, you can always beef up your insulation.
Consider Bamboo when purchasing building materials or interior remodeling materials. A typical bamboo tree grows to maturity within 3 years; as another type of tree used for lumber may take a century to fully mature.
Flax Flooring
Flooring made from flax, jute and linseed oil can be environmental friendly since this type of flooring does not have toxins that the typical vinyl flooring produces.
Steel framing is now becoming a trend in the building industry. They not only save the trees, they are strong enough to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and destruction from insects and rot.
Track your energy and water usage with tracking devices. This will help you find ways to cut your energy bill and become a more sustainable household.
Creating more living space or remodeling your current living space can be a positive sustainable project. CH Construction would like to help you with your remodeling needs.