Occasionally, we will hear stories from home owners who have had home improvement projects completed by other contractors.  One of their concerns is the “mess” their home is in while the project is ongoing. Furthermore, the post construction cleaning is frustrating.  Honestly, this is one of the reasons home owners procrastinate on doing home remodeling projects.  They do not want to deal with the mess.

A contractor should always make sure the home owner’s home is left in good condition at the end of each day.  Mind you, during the day when the crew is working, there will be tools and material accessible to the construction crew.  When the crew is “wrapping” up for the day, the trash should be picked up and floors swept if needed.  The material should be set aside and organized.  This is also a topic you should approach the contractor with at your initial consultation.

Inside the Home Construction

On projects inside a home, the crew will be in and out of your home while working. Some homeowners like them to wear “footies” as to not track mud and dirt throughout the home.  You will need to inform the contractor of this concern at your initial meeting.


If you have a pet in the area of the project, for example a back yard, inform the contractor.  He should make sure no hazardous material is left unattended for a dog to get into.

Our goal at CH Construction is to respect our home owner’s property.  We want them to have a stress free experience with their home improvement project.  We make sure to do a post construction cleaning.  Our materials are stacked and set aside.  We even sweep up the area before leaving.  We treat your home as we would treat our own.  Below is a drone video we did of a screened porch project.  This is an example of how we keep our projects clean, organized and safe while we are working.