Creating a She Cave for your special lady will benefit you men as well.  We have all heard of “Man Caves”, right? It’s a place where the man can go to de-stress and have some man time. The recent trend is now, “She Caves”. It’s a place for the lady of the house to have her own time and space. If you are a mom, you know that it’s difficult to find uninterrupted time for just you and your hobbies. It can be as simple as a room designated to your space or it can be a building in the backyard decorated all girly and just for you. She Cave’s don’t have to cost a bundle to acquire. If you have an old shed out back that is just collecting junk, now is the time to clean out that shed. Install windows, trim, paint and furniture; you have your own space!


For those that do not have a shed, there is a reasonable fix for a she cave.

  • Attics, basements, extra bedrooms will work just as well.
  • Fresh paint and your personal items will make this your own personal space.

Why do you need a personal space man or woman?

  • A quiet place to think.A space to organize your personal items.
  • A personal hobby space.A room to sit and visit with your friends.
  • An adult time out space, when work or life gets too stressful.
When a mom or wife has her own time to relax or play, her joy and exuberance will delight the rest of the family. No need to wait for a special occasion gentlemen, the ladies will appreciate all your hard work anytime.
If you don’t have the time or skills to create this space, you can give us a call. CH Construction will help you build your Cave space.