Are you planning a home renovation project in the future?  Most experts recommend you start planning 6 months to a year in advance.  As a home owner you will want to put together a renovation concept, shop for qualified professional and material that are within your budget.  Depending on the size of the project, the actual construction portion of the renovation could be 2 weeks to 3 months.  CH Construction would like to help guide you through the planning process.

Project Plan

Your project plan should include goals that you want to accomplish with the renovation.  For example; if you want to renovate your kitchen you need to decide if your goal for the kitchen.  Is to add more counter tops, light to the room, cabinet space or floor space.  Once you have established your goals you will want to secure sketches or blueprints of the design you want for the project.  Many contractors, like ourselves, have a draftsman to help the home owners accomplish this task with ease. You’ll also want to go over your plan and decide which projects you would like to do yourself to reduce labor cost.

When working with your contractor, he will need to know you plan to do portions of the project yourself.  This will allow him to work his schedule around while you are completing your portion of the project. Finally, the search for a general contractor is necessary.  We recommend hiring a general contractor to coordinate any subcontractors that will be on the job site. Your general contractor will be responsible for keeping the project on schedule and coordinating his sub contractors.  I can not express the importance of hiring a reputable licensed and insured contractor.  This is one area where you will not want to skimp on cost.  It will make the difference between a smooth flowing project or a project from hell.

Setting a Budget

Before you meet with your contractor you will need to have a budget.  At the initial meeting your contractor can assist you in determining if you are able to accomplish your goals within your budget.  It is not uncommon for us layman, to have our dreams exceed our budget.  Don’t be disappointed if it is, a good general contractor can help you modify your concept into a obtainable dream.  He can also suggest quality building material that may be more cost efficient.  In your planning phase of the project, you may look into local city, county or state remodeling assistance programs that can help with the cost.  Also, consider researching sustainable grants or loans for home renovation.

Getting Started

Meeting with your contractor to go over materials and schedules is important to begin a project. It’s important to plan a home renovation when it is most convenient to you.  If you are expecting out of town guest for the holidays, this would be an example of not wanting to start a project at that time.  Once you coordinate your schedule with your contractor, your contractor will schedule materials to be delivered to your home to begin the project.  Most HOA‘s have regulations on where these materials can be placed.

It’s important you check with the HOA. Let your contractor know where you would like the material dropped, so he can relay that to the company delivering the material.  Many times the material is placed in the driveway.  Plan on one side you your driveway being unavailable during this time.  If you have pets and small children that will be effected by the renovation project, establish and area that will secure them during the day.  Also, you will want to discuss demo removal with your contractor.  Depending on the contractor, he may ask you to secure a dumpster to dispose of the material.


With every good plan, there are always surprises.  Plan for this in advance and you won’t be discouraged.  Communication with your contractor is the best way to avoid misunderstandings.  CH Construction suggest you document daily progress with photos.  This can help you when discussing with your contractor any changes or problems. If you are having an outdoor project renovated, understand that your contractor can not control the weather and it may effect the time line of the project.

Completed Project

Once the project is completed the best thing a home owner can do for the general contractor or sub contractors is give them a review online.  Ask your contractor which forums he would like you to place a review.  This helps future home owners, like yourself, find quality contractors.  If CH Construction can assist you with any of your home renovation projects please give us a call.