If you have considered remodeling your home there are ways to avoid extra expenses and time.  CH Construction would like to help you avoid common remodeling mistakes that can be costly.


Trends can change annually.  When choosing a style and design for your home, it is important to take into consideration the possible trend changes.  Remember a paint color can be easily changed, but a cabinet or flooring is more costly and difficult to change.  Interior decor might be something you can choose to express your trendy style and keep major remodeling neutral.  Outdated styles can affect a future home resale.

Common trending mistakes that are made:

  • A design that’s clean and minimalist is a safe choice for years to come.
  • A kitchen desk was all the rage, but one thing most people will say is this area is a space to collect clutter. This space can be used for more cabinets.
  • Distressed cabinet were once in style, but are becoming outdated. Choose more classic looks, whether crisp paint colors or clean wood tones.
  • Oversized tubs are expensive and most home owners would prefer a Eco-friendly shower. It’s important to think of resale when you are remodeling your home.
  • “Speaking of bathroom colors, dated shades like mustard, salmon or avocado can also be a turn-off to potential buyers, says Realtor.com. Keep your color scheme tame by using a mix of three timeless, muted colors in a 70/20/10 distribution. Use the lightest color for 70 percent of the room; the second lightest for 20 percent; and accent the room with the boldest for 10 percent. A grayed white, pale teal and charcoal gray could work nicely.”, consumer affairs recommends.
  • Geometric tiles may be trending now, but they become quickly outdated. It’s always good to go with a solid colored tile and express your trendy geometric style in interior décor.
Being Prepared

Before entering into a remodel project it is always best to have a budget.  Include in that budget a 10 to 25% cushion for unexpected expenses.  Plan accordingly to the time frame of the project as any home remodeling project will be a disruption to your home and time.  When are doing this remodeling project on your own, know your limitations.  If you need to hire an electrician or plumber, prepare for that expense in your budget.  Although, if you hiring a contractor it is important to have a licensed and insured contractor to protect yourself from possible problems in the future.  Make sure to check the contractor’s references.

Find contractor

If you have decided to hire a contractor, good communication with your contractor can help you avoid problems.  The best form of communication is through a written format, for example emails.  This is for your protection and reference is there is a misunderstanding.  Verbal communication cannot be relied upon solely.  Finally, be sure to discuss with your contractor the safety of the job site.  Trash and discarded material can be hazardous to pets and small children.  Request that your contractor clean and secure the job-site at the end of each day.


It’s important to discuss with your contractor the quality of material you want installed in your home.  A good contractor can give you advice on his experience with materials he personally has worked with.  Occasionally when working with certain types of materials, it can add labor cost due to the time and difficulty of installation.  It’s important to ask this in advance so you are not surprised later.

Most importantly when remodeling your home is to consider the future home buyer.  Trends come and go, home improvement is a financial investment you want to last.  Quality materials, craftsmanship and design are the key to your investment.  If CH Construction can assist you on your home remodeling project, give Brandt, the owner, a call.