To sum up the 2019 home improvement trends, natural wood and tile are in style.  CH Construction wants to help you save money while embracing the trends.  These ideas can be incorporated, without spending a lot of money. Home owners can keep their home stylish on a budget.


White or light colored kitchen cabinets have been trending the last couple of years.  This coming year home owners want to bring a natural wood look to their “white” kitchen.  Instead of replacing the kitchen cabinets, you can simply add natural wood handles and knobs to your cabinet doors and drawers.  This will give you the natural look of wood while keeping the bright openness of your white kitchen.

Living and family room

I would describe the paint color trends for 2020 as light and earthy.  The trend of natural and light can flow into your living and family room.  Painting a room is one of the least expensive options in home remodeling.  Many home owners prefer to save money with this DIY option.


People want to move away from luxury bathrooms, choosing more practical fixtures and cabinets.  Many are adding a bench in the bathroom for seating.  Instead of having a tiled seat installed, you can purchase a bench to place in the bathroom to hold your towel, phone, tablet or clothes.  While floating cabinets are the new trend, the practicality of that unused space under the cabinet is a cleaning nightmare.  Incorporating bright colors in this room is the trend as well, but we recommend using your décor to bring a splash of color to this room.

Laundry Room

Speaking of color, home owners are adding bright colors to their laundry room.  Painted cabinets and flooring brighten up this room.  Again, this can be done inexpensively without such permanent color changes.  Incorporating bright abstract art or colorful rugs to this room, you can accomplish that bright colorful effect on this room with very little cost.

Dining Room

This room is probably the least used room in a home.  Many home owners have decided to use this room to express their personal taste.  Colorful and artistic prints give this once dull room a bold expression of your personal taste.  Again it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on flooring and new furniture.  You can change the lighting fixtures; add new framed prints and décor to give this room new life.

One common element in all these rooms is live plants.  Society in a whole is moving to a more sustainable lifestyle.  Our homes reflect that and bringing plants into the home is another way to express that feeling.  Most importantly, while redesigning a room it is important to remember styles change frequently.  Keeping up with those changes do not need to be expensive or involve a big home improvement project. These 2020 home improvement projects are perfect to do while the weather is cold this winter.