Are you prepared for spring storms? People who live in the Midwest understand spring storms can come in any form; snow or ice storms, severe thunderstorms with hail, tornadoes or flooding. Some people even joke saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes it will change.” As a homeowner we should prepare our homes for these types of weather conditions. We’d like to offer some suggestions that can help you avoid possible damage to your home and property.
Check Your Property
On these beautiful days that have us outside enjoying the warmth of the sun, take the time to complete these easy tasks. Walk around your property and evaluate potential problems. Strong winds can take up objects in your yard and these objects can damage your home. Our friend’s trampoline became an object of destruction to their home. After the storm they had roof and siding damage as well as some dents and scratches to the family vehicle. In the time that it took insurance adjusters to come and evaluate the damage the rains had left moisture damage and mold as additional damage. They had to move out of their home while the damage was repaired. You can avoid these possible damages by securing all play equipment to the ground. Do you have BBQ grills or furniture on your deck or patio? Consider finding a place to store them if you are aware of strong storms predicted for your area. The winds can move these items damaging siding and windows. If you do not have a place to store them you could possibly secure them to the railings of a deck.
Check Your Homes Structure
Don’t forget to check the roof for loose shingles that can fly off in strong storms. Clean out the gutters of any debris will also help avoid gutter damage. If you have trees on your property check for loose or dead limbs. These limbs can become damaging flying objects in a storm or fall and damage a roof or siding. Check the fencing on your property. If you have a wood privacy fence, make sure the all the boards are secure. Check your deck for loose boards and railings. Securing these items can help prevent further damage to your deck or home. Don’t forget to check your basements sump pump and make sure that it is in working order. If you do not have one you might want to consider installing a sump pump. Water damage to your basement can be costly
If a storm is approaching remember to secure or remove all items that could become projectiles: wind chimes, trash cans, bug zappers or hanging plants. Review your family’s disaster preparedness plan. If you do not have a disaster preparedness plan this is the time to consider one. CH Construction hopes that you have a wonderful spring and that these suggestions help you avoid any damage to your home due to spring storms.