As parents we want our children to enjoy the outdoors to run and play and deplete the excessive energy of their youth. Due to covid many people are turning to backyard play spaces. Times have changed since we had a blissful safety about our surroundings. Sadly, our children today do not have that same security. You can no longer send your children to the neighborhood playground without the concern for their safety. Creating a backyard play space would allow the convenience of enjoying our children’s playtime from the comfort and security of our own yards.

Planning Play Spaces

When developing a play space you want to consider the location. You will need a level space with a clear line of site from the house to the play space. Take in to consideration the type of equipment you will be installing. If you are planning on having swings, plan to have plenty of room for children to walk around the swing as to not get hit by another child swinging.


Safety is a priority when choosing equipment for the play area. Choose wood that is safe for children and animals (if you have pets). Choosing equipment that is age appropriate for your children, yet allowing them to grow into it. Equipment that is too large for a small child could lead to possible injuries. Consider a playhouse for children that offers shade and an area that is safe for small children. Shade is an important factor when installing play equipment. Slides and swings become very hot in the heat of the summer, which can cause burns to children, so perhaps selecting light colors would be wise. For older children you may want to consider a tree house if you have a tree or trees in your backyard.


If you would like a more natural playground, add rocks to climb or a sand box. Creating a landscape with stepping-stones for the children to develop gross motor skills. Use the natural landscape of your backyard, you can install a swing or tire swing in a tree.


When choosing play equipment for your children, consider the material it is made of and if it will need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  Will the equipment be exposed to the sun?  If so, it is a natural cleaner.  If neighbors or family will be joining your children to play, help alleviate the concerns and clean the equipment on a regular basis.

Creating the play space to your backyard will enhance family time and create memories. If you would like a free consultation with CH Construction on creating the play space environment email us or call for an appointment.