Do you need to update you outdoor environment? In most cases, you don’t have to tear it down and build another deck which can be costly. If the frame’s integrity is sound you can update the current deck. Below are some ways to update and create a trendy outdoor environment for your home:
3 or 4 Season Addition
If you are looking for more living space, a 3 or 4 season room addition created over your current deck may be an economical choice. The benefit of a 3 or 4 season addition not only gives you more living space, but gives you the outdoor “effect” in the comfort of an enclosed room.
Covered Deck
If your current roof line will accommodate an attached roof over the deck, you can enclose your deck for a screened in deck or pergola shaded living space. Screened in decks will allow you to enjoy the outdoors bug free and not worry about the rainy weather. Pergolas give your deck a beautiful outdoor environment, while providing more shade in the heat of the day.
Hard scape
Hard scape is a concrete, masonry or stone patio. If you have a deck with at least 8 feet below it, you can create a hard scape patio below. When replacing the decking material you will need to install a deck membrane system to keep the area below dry. You can also enclose the area and create a 3 – 4 season patio or an outdoor environment.
Deck and Patio Additions
Stone fire pits are trending for hard scape patios and create a nice outdoor living space. You can also add planters, seating, outdoor kitchens and lighting to your deck system.
New decking material
Preexisting deck boards tend to wear out, if your foundation and deck frame are in good condition it may be as simple as replacing your decking material and rails. In my previous blog I mention several types of decking material, but “the most commonly used materials CH Construction deals with are cedar, composite and plastic decking material. Composite material is made with wood fibers and recycled plastic. Plastic decking is made with 100% plastic (recycled and new). These crack free and splinter free materials are popular because they are more resistant to weather, decay and bugs. They come in a variety of colors, giving the homeowner a larger selection of choices. Although, mold and mildew can develop in damp areas on the deck, composites are a good choice for those who want a low maintenance material.”
Re-staining Your Deck
If your budget is limited and your decking boards condition looks good, then re-staining your deck will give you a new look for your home. It’s important to power wash your deck before re-staining, to give it an even and smooth look and proper stain adhesion.
If you are considering making changes to your current deck, CH Construction can answer your questions about deck upgrades. In a previous blog, I mentioned the importance of hiring a licensed and insured contractor. CH Construction is licensed and insured and our goal is to help you achieve your home improvement that is the most cost effective for the home owner. As a wife and mother, I understand the importance of making economical decisions when it comes to home improvement. Keeping our home updated is important, but we want material and craftsmanship that will last a long time. CH Construction wants the same thing for our homeowners, our customer’s satisfaction is important to us. Please feel free to give Brandt a call or email about your next project.