Are you looking to give your deck a face lift? The sun is shining and the weather is still warm. Is your deck looking a little weathered? Here are some ideas that can give your deck a facelift without tearing it out and replacing it.

Most Cost Effective Deck Face Lift

The most cost efficient way to save money is to power wash and stain your deck. Firstly, you will want to check all your decking and support beams for any water or insect damage. Consequently, if you find any damage you will need to replace those boards. It’s important to check that all the nails or screws are set and not sticking up. Once all the repairs are made to the deck you are ready to power wash the deck. Allow the deck to dry completely. It takes approximately 2 days with direct sunlight.It will take 5 days without direct sunlight for the deck to dry. When applying your stain, we recommend using a wool or sponge applicator to avoid leaving streaks. Start applying high and work your way down. If applying two coats of stain, you will need to wait 24 hours to allow drying.

New Deck Material

Another option for a deck make over; replacing the decking material, banding fascias and rails. If your decking frame is sound and in good shape this will allow you to have a whole new look without the costs associated with full replacement. The most common used material CH Construction deals with is cedar, composite and plastic decking material. Composite material is made with wood fibers and recycled plastic. Plastic decking material is made with 100% recycled and new plastic. These crack free and splinter free materials are popular because they are more resistant to weather decay and bugs. They come in a variety of colors, giving the homeowner a large selection of choices. Although, mold and mildew can develop in damp areas on the deck, composites are a good choice for those who want a low maintenance material.
With any home improvement project you will want to do more research as to what types of material will suit your family’s needs. If you would like CH Construction to help with your deck a facelift give us call to schedule an appointment.