I feel very blessed to have my own personal handyman. Many of you might be a handyman or live with a handyman. You might also be a handy woman. It sure makes life a lot easier when you have a leaky faucet or a gutter that needs to be cleaned out.
There are those that just don’t have the time to complete their handyman projects. If you are one of those that may be in need of a handyman, I’m here to say I have a few to share with you. For the last 10 years, my husband and two sons have been assisting other people in the Kansas City area with their honey – do – list. Recently we received a call from a single lady that needed assistance putting together a new entertainment center. There are no projects too big or too small.
Possible Home Projects
  • Power washing decks
  • Staining decks
  • Repairing decks
  • Refacing decks
  • Exterior painting
  • Repairing and replacing siding
  • Cleaning or replacing gutters
  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Fixing or replacing plumbing fixtures
  • Painting
  • Wall mounting flat screen TV’s
  • Installing new garbage disposals
  • Inspect and repair any ant or termite damage on home
  • Replacing faulty light switches and outlets
  • Change lighting fixtures
  • Cleaning or replacing bath/kitchen tile grout
  • Re-caulking in bath/kitchen
  • Build shelving in garages
  • Clean and organize garages
  • Assembling projects (example: shelving, entertainment centers, furniture)
  • Hanging curtains and pictures

With so many people staying home due to the Corona virus, they are focusing more on the “To Do List” projects that need completed in their home. Having a licensed and insured company taking care of your household needs is a comfort to you. So check your handyman chore list and give us a call if we can help you cross a project off your list. Listed below are a few of the jobs we’ve completed for our customers.