With winter weather here, the construction industry slows down. In the spring and summer the construction industry picks and hiring a good contractor can have you waiting for the contractor to have an opening in his schedule. Many contractors have more time for handyman projects in the winter months, thus little wait time.  Here are some handyman project ideas that are perfect for the winter months to improve your home.


Small remodeling projects

Painting interior walls – give a room a fresh new look.  The popular colors for 2020 are soft pastel colors.

Repair or replace trim – often we don’t realize repairing trim that is damaged or chipped can make the room look new.

Repair or replace doors – replacing or repairing doors can give a room new life.

Drywall repair – repairing drywall something to consider is to paint the room at this time.

Install backsplash tile – installing a new back splash in the bathroom or kitchen can give that room a whole new look.

Install flooring – the most worn part of any room is the flooring.  By replacing the flooring you can change the look of the room.  Often, the flooring you currently have maybe over 10 years ago and the home owner’s needs may have changed since then.  A home owner may consider flooring that better suits their need.



Install new toilet – consider replacing a current toilet with a water saving toilet

Install new sink or sink fixtures – updating a bathroom or kitchen style with new sink fixtures.

Re-grout bathroom shower or tub – cracked and worn grout can cause water damage behind the shower and tub walls.



Repairing fence – replacing broken and worn boards help improve the look of a homes exterior.

Clean gutters and repair – clogged gutters can cause wood rot on fascia boards, therefore making it easier for water to enter the house to cause wall and ceiling damage.

Repairing and replacing siding – We recommend checking the siding of your home on a annual basis. Replacing or repairing the damage when first detected can save you thousands of dollars on extensive repairs.



Replace window molding – replacing window molding can improve energy bills.

Install new weather stripping – replacing weather stripping around doors and windows will save money on utilities.

Caulk around windows and doors – moisture can get behind the window and cause damage and wood rot.


Having a handyman complete these types of projects are the perfect gift.  If you know someone who doesn’t have the time or the ability to complete these tasks give us a call and let us know if we can assist you.