How long have your wood windows been installed? Have you tested them for wood rot? This is something a home owner should do on a regular basis. It can save you money in the long run. Our crew started a multi window installation project in Johnson County, Kansas today.  The home owners purchased the windows from Great American Building Materials (GABM).  GABM referred the home owner to CH Construction for installation.

The Process

Upon removing the large window unit in the living room our crew replaced and treated the wood rot on the 16” stud wall beneath the window and on the sub floor. The previous wood windows were poor builders grade quality they were installed at the time the home was built in the 1980’s. This is not an uncommon situation with these young growth yellow pine windows.

After uninstalling the window they replaced the short  stud wall below the window and the sub floor below the wall plate. They also applied “Minwax Wood Hardener” to seal the wood and restore some of the lost integrity. Minwax also kills mold fungus on water damaged woods.  Instead of the cost of a simple window replacement the homeowner incurred the extra cost of the wall and sub floor replacement. All these extra cost can possibly be avoided by checking your windows.

How to Check Your Windows

When looking for wood rot on your windows first check the caulk joints for separation. Especially check the horizontal sill. After checking the caulk use a hard pointed tool and press the wood. If this leaves an indention and is soft, you could have water penetration and wood rot.

If you are not sure how to check you can give CH Construction a call to come check out your windows and help you select windows that will fit your need. Also check out Great American Building Materials for windows and siding.