Homeowners are usually looking to save money remodeling.  We would like to give homeowners recommendations that will help them achieve their home improvement project goals at an affordable cost.  While most of these ideas may require sweat equity, other ideas will require research to save money.

Practical Use of Space

Ultimately, most homeowners are looking for an increase in space.  When planning a remodel consider cabinets that increase storage, dead walls that will provide more living space, and furniture that is appropriate to the room size.  Windows allow more natural light giving the room a large visual effect.  A good general licensed contractor can help the homeowner create a practical use of space.

Habitat For Humanity ReStore

Shopping at Habitat for Humanity Restore can save a homeowner money on material cost. Before you start your home improvement project, ask your contractor for a building supply list if you haven’t created it on yourself.  This way you can start shopping at the Habitat ReStore regularly for building material.  Acquiring building supplies at the Restore can save you up to 50% on materials.  Mind you, it can be a hit and miss for the material you will need.  Most large cities have several stores in the area.  The Kansas City area has 6 locations.

Be Your Own General Contractor

Most general contractors will work with homeowners on large scale projects to save them money.  One way a homeowner can save up to 10% of the overall cost is becoming their own general contractor.  Our blog What To Expect From Your General Contractor can give you an idea of what a general contractor does.  If the homeowner has the time, they can take these responsibilities on yourself.  These can save them thousands of dollars.  If the homeowner doesn’t feel confident in all that will need to be done, some contractors will act as a consultant.  They will guide the homeowner in what they need to acquire for the project.  This situation helps decrease the cost for the homeowner, yet still provide the expertise of the general contractor.

Do Your Own Demo

If you own a home that was built before 1976, doing your own demo work can save the homeowner 30 – 45% off the demo portion of the project.  Due to the Lead Remediation (RRP) contractors have to follow specific rules in a home demo, therefore, the additional labor is more expensive. Providing your own sweat equity the homeowner can reduce the cost in their budget.

Trash Removal

When it’s time to remove debris from the project, a homeowner can save money securing their own dumpster and removing the debris themselves.  A contractor will charge administrative fees for providing the dumpster and labor fees for the crew to do the disposal of the material.

Don’t Make Changes After the Project Begins

Once the home improvement project has begun, changes to the original plan the contractor bid on can increase the cost.  If the homeowner has decided that they want something different than the agreed contract states, discuss it with the contractor.  Ask the contractor to give an amount of the change will cost.  Always be sure to get everything in writing to avoid any misunderstandings.

As with any home improvement project, we recommend you hire a licensed and insured contractor. Our blog 9 Questions to Ask Before You Remodel will help you prepare for a project.  If CH Construction can assist you with saving money on your next project, give us a call.