The cold air in the Midwest is creeping up on us. There are some simple ways to keep your home a little bit warmer by winterizing your home.  CH Construction wants to provide you with a checklist to help you button up your home for the winter.
Windows and Doors
  • Check for gaps – Walk around your home and check all plumbing pipes and vents. If there are any gaps, apply foam sealant to these areas. Close all exterior vents.
  • Seal doors and windows – This will help lower heating bills. Caulk around the windows and add weather stripping if needed. Check the door and attic access door to see if they need weather stripping as well.
  • Cover windows – Place a insulation window kit on windows to build a barrier from the cool air. A more permanent solution would to replace old windows with storm windows.
  • Curtains – Close window blinds and curtains at night to help insulate the windows from the dropping temperatures. Keeping them open during the daylight will help warm the home with the natural heat from the sun.
Heating Systems
  • Heating system and ducts – It’s the time of the year to clean your duct work out. It can be done professionally or you can simple vacuum them out yourself. Also have your furnace professionally serviced and replace the filters. Your heating system will work more economically and save you money in the long run.
  • Fireplace or wood stove – If you have a fireplace or wood stove, it is important to make sure the chimney is clean. Call a professional to check your flue on the fireplace to make sure it doesn’t have any leaks.
  • Reverse the ceiling fan – Most ceiling fans have reverse switches, switch it so the fan turns clockwise. Warm air rises to the ceiling, when you have your fan spinning clockwise it will create an updraft that pushes warm air around the room without creating a wind chill.
  • Insulate Pipes – Covering exposed pipes in areas like the basement and attic. At this time you need to remember to disconnect outside garden hoses and shut off outside faucet valves.
  • Insulate outlet and light switches – This will help reduce energy loss. In older homes you would be surprised the amount of energy lost in these areas.


To help you with winterizing your home, CH Construction has a Winterize Your Home  print out for your convenience. Please share with your neighbors or your friends. Stay warm and stay safe.