Recently, CH Construction had the opportunity to fill a need with a congregation in Eldon, Missouri.  The small congregation Children of Yahweh in Yahshua our Messiah purchased a small home next to their assembly hall to use for visiting guest, a food pantry and meeting area.  The home needs to be completely remodeled.  With limited building funds the congregation reached out to their members and friends to help with the labor.  Brandt, CH Construction owner, was able to volunteer and will be returning to work on the remodeling of the guest house.

CH Construction believes volunteering your time benefits not only the people you are helping, but yourself as well.  Below are some reasons you may want to take the time to give of your time.

Get out and Be Social

It is an opportunity to meet new people.  When you work along side someone you visit and get to know each other better.  Your develop a bond and friendship with someone who is like minded in wanting to volunteer their time.

Improve Your Health

When you volunteer your time it is healthy for your body and mind.  The feeling of accomplishment in a job completed is fulfilling to your soul.  Knowing you helped another person or organization gives you joy and happiness.  Harvard University completed a research that shows volunteers spent 38% less time in the hospital and had more stamina, better health and less stress.  So it physically does improve your health to volunteer your time.

More Importantly, volunteering can be fun!  It can provide you with creativity, motivation and vision that an enhance your personal and professional life. If you are wanting to volunteer your time.  Habitat For Humanity is a good organization that is always seeking volunteer help.  Be sure to share with your friends and possibly they will want to volunteer with you. Even more, finding ways to help others can physically help you as well. Remember to stop by and check out the progress of the parsonage.  We are excited to see the progress ourselves and want to share our joy!