Sometimes you need to build a dock and go fishing.  My husband doesn’t like to be inactive. He designed and built a dock over our creek/pond. He’s always finding things to do around the property to keep himself busy. Recently, between jobs he was even more creative with his time. He cleared an area in the trees that over look the creek on our property. Creating a relaxing spot to watch the sunset and enjoy a cup of coffee. His other project took him a day to complete.  A perfect spot for the two of us and our grandchildren to go fishing. furthermore, the mowing, planting trees for an orchard, trimming up grape vine and trees along the creek; has kept him busy. I’m just glad he took the time to throw the pole in the water and relax. Not for long though, CH Construction will be installing windows next week for a home owner. If you are wanting to keep my husband from being inactive, give us a call for any project big or small.