Have you ever heard of the term EMF? The term EMF means electromagnetic field.  Everything in the nature creates EMF, but did you know that technology increases this field to dangerous levels for our health?  Do you live near power lines or cell phone towers? Is there a WIFI router or have a smart meter in your home? If so, the EMF’s  in your home have increased and may be causing you or your family health issues.

While organizations, such as World Health Organization (WHO) and National Cancer Institute (NCI), are ambiguous about claiming there are any health risk of increased levels of EMF.  Please note that while reading these articles, you will see they make a claim that it is safe. Then follow it up with the wording, “more studies are needed” or “more studies are being done”.  You may consider taking a look back in history to see how these organizations that once considered smoking, second hand smoke and other now known carcinogens harmless.

Expert Opinion

Longtime World Health Organization advisor, Anthony B. Miller M.D., updates his opinion linking wireless exposures to cancer based on new scientific evidence. In the linked article, you will read that he classes wireless (EMF) exposure as a “Group 1 carcinogenic to humans”.  This group 1 carcinogen also includes, ionizing radiation (all types), Ultraviolet radiation (wavelengths 100-400 nm, encompassing UVA, UVB, and UVC) including solar radiation, X-Radiation and gamma radiation, tobacco and asbestos.  This is alarming!

Here at CH Construction, we feel that it is best to take safe precautions to eliminate the possibility of dangerous long term exposure to high levels of EMF. If there is a shred of evidence that high levels of EMF could cause health related issues with a family member or yourself. Certainly, it is worth adding safeguards to a home.  With that being said, let’s take a look at ways you can modify your home to reduce high levels of EMF exposure.

What Can I Do Inside My Home?

Firstly, our recommendation is to eliminate as many “wireless” items in your home. Including what is known as “dirty” electricity (electromagnetic fields created from electricity flowing through your houses wiring). Toss that cordless phone, its constantly emitting EMF.  Purchase a corded phone, the inconvenience is not worth your health.

If you use a laptop computer, never place this item on your body.  Set it on a table or desk, the EMF from these items has been known to cause cancer and infertility. Do not carry cell phones on yourself.  When not using your cell phone, put it in airplane mode to keep the RF’s (radio frequency) from constantly affecting you.

Also, turn off the WIFI at night.  The WIFI effects the sleep we receive and known studies show the correlation of the lack of melanin and cancer.  If not convinced, headaches, fatigue, moodiness and reduced immune system are enough to want a good night’s sleep.

Protecting My home From the Outside

Let’s now look at other things you can do to eliminate EMF entering your home from the outside.  Do you have a smart meter on your home?  Most likely you do as Kansas City Power and Light (KCPL) have made is mandatory to place these on each of their customers’ homes.  Smart meters are constantly sending our frequencies connecting to other meters.  Our meter was placed on the outside wall of our master bedroom.  Both my husband and I noticed that we were not getting a good night’s sleep since it was installed.  Placing a Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield on your meter can reduce and or eliminate the EMF from your meter. You can also place a canopy of EMF reducing mesh around your bed.

Another simple DIY is painting your home with EMF eliminating paint.  Replacing commonly found nylon window screen with mesh screen will also reduce the EMF from entering your home.  Each of these links provides more information for you to learn about DIY  ideas to protect you and your family from EMF radiation. Here is a link to a list of products to look into, https://www.emfanalysis.com/products/ .  With the cell towers converting to 5G, there will be more people recognizing health issues related to high levels of EMF.  It is important to do some research how to protect your family and home from dirty EMF.  If you would like a consultation with CH Construction using our multi field EMF meter give Brandt, the owner, a call at 913-208-2393.