One of our projects in the past involved wood rot behind vinyl siding. An exterior wall met a roof line and without proper flashing the water was able to leak under the vinyl siding, thus rotting the material under the vinyl. Our crew removed and replaced the vinyl siding, the rotted substrate material (OSB) and rotted 2×4 framing. Before replacing the vinyl siding we installed flashing and chalked around it. This was a temporary fix until the home owner replaces the siding with smart panel siding in the next 5 – 8 years.
Wood Rot

What are you looking for?  If you have mold it will appear grayish in color on the wood. At times you will be able to see the actual mold on the wood. If the wood is wet and dark or black you may be dealing with a wood rot and black mold. You will also need to determine if it is damage from pest or mold or both. Carpenter ants and termite damage are similar, there will be tracks and holes with wood shavings around it. If you suspect pest damage, call a professional pest control company for an evaluation. If you are unable or do not know what to look for, we would be happy to come out and inspect your home.

How can you as a home owner check for this type of damage?
  • First if there are no noticeable water spots on the interior walls, you can check under the bottom piece of vinyl siding. Slide your finger up under the siding to feel the material behind it. If it crumbles, feels wet or swollen you have a water leak that is coming in behind your vinyl siding.
  • The next step is to find a reputable contractor and have him evaluate the situation.
If you catch the situation early enough, you may prevent thousands of dollars in damage.  If you think you might have wood rot and would like a professional opinion, give us a call @ 913.208.2393.  Ask for the owner, Brandt Hall.